New Projects and Perspectives
With its projects and ventures, Klett demonstrates not only the courage to consistently try new things, but also an interest in enhancing the educational landscape and participating in its formation. The Klett Group is thus both a driving innovative force in the traditional publishing business as well as a specialised service provider for industry and economy: It fosters competencies in science and technology, disciplines which are often neglected at schools, and is a reliable partner for educators in terms of the increasingly important task of individually promoting the student’s skills.

Testen und Fördern

The individual advancement of every student is particularly difficult to guarantee in large classes. Ernst Klett Verlag is responding to the needs of teachers with the “Testen und Fördern” (Test and Support) service offered on the Internet:

The portal, which was created in 2009, provides teachers with a quick overview of their class’s learning progress as well as a detailed and comprehensive documented assessment of the learning progress of each student.
For roughly 30 textbooks published by Ernst Klett Verlag, there are over 100 tests in “Testen und Fördern” that are available to the user at no added cost. The students complete the tests online on their computers. The respective skills are thus tested repeatedly. The programme accurately identifies strengths and weaknesses for every student and makes customised advancement material available for download. Accurate advancement needs are determined for the student, and the programme creates an assessment curve for each student and learning group as well as a report for parents and a learning contract for each student. Teachers can use these materials in a targeted manner for documenting educational measures or when speaking to parents. “Testen und Fördern” thus guarantees better supervision and faster learning success.

Klett MINT GmbH

„science + tech career
There is an acute shortage of qualified employees in Germany. This applies to the field of MINT (German acronym for mathematics, computer science, science and technology)qualifications in particular – too few employees have solid expertise in these disciplines. Interest in corresponding occupations that require formal training and in degree programmes is also low.

Founded in January 2010, Klett MINT GmbH is an interface between a traditional textbook publishing house and a flexible service agency: an enthusiastic MINT team made up of scientists and communications and media specialists provides companies and associations in the industry with expert advice and assistance in generating enthusiasm for MINT subjects among students and supporting MINT teachers.
Improving the image of MINT subjects in the public eye, family, schools and universities should help ease the recruitment problem. In addition to specially developed media for career orientation such as the science and career magazine “life + science,” the comprehensive offering of Klett MINT GmbH also includes organising conferences and developing and distributing learning materials to increase interest in technology.
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Klett Education Bond in Huge Demand

The emission of the second Ernst Klett AG corporate bond proved to be an outstanding success - the forecast volume of EUR 50 million subscriptions was attained in record time.


Three Tons of Books for Literacy Endeavours

Ernst Klett Sprachen Verlag donated 12,000 literacy advocacy books to German Literacy and Basic Education Association


praxisHochschule University of Applied Sciences in Cologne receives state recognition

praxisHochschule University of Applied Sciences in Cologne, a Klett Group company, receives state recognition. All three Bachelor courses have already been successfully accredited.