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WE. remain at the side of our customers – albeit at a greater distance. Impressions from everyday life at Klett Group during the pandemic: personal, authentic, emotional. WE. do our best every day to make education a success.

Home Schooling Preparation for School Graduation

“If anyone had told me at the start of the year that I’d be required to finish the last crucial months of my school education in the form of home schooling, I would have laughed. For those of us who were looking forward to graduating this year and beginning a whole new chapter in our lives, this news posed certain problems. How would we even be able to graduate if none of our classes and exams were going to take place?

I was pretty impressed by the SIS’ response to the pandemic. Following the swift introduction of remote online learning, it quickly became our new norm. Not only have the teachers been very understanding and adjusted the curriculum to fit the new situation, they also helped us to understand the process and answered all kinds of questions. Even though I adapted to the situation, I would be lying if I said I did not miss school and the personal contact during this period.” 

Zirish Imran, former pupil of the SIS Swiss International School Zurich


APOLLON Hochschule der Gesundheits­wirtschaft

For the team at APOLLON Hochschule der Gesundheitswirtschaft, staying at home has remained incredibly important given that so many students work in nursing and medical professions.


Necessity is The Mother of Invention

To stay in contact with children and parents during lockdown, staff at the Kinderzentren Kunterbunt provided songs, games, craft ideas and more every week. They also held regular video chats to the enjoyment and benefit of all concerned.


Communication Promotes Cohesion

In times of crisis, you have to focus on your core competencies. At Ernst Klett Verlag, therefore, a dialogue with teachers helped ensure that the products and services on offer were tailored to their specific requirements. Given the high demand for training courses in digital teaching, the publishing house significantly expanded its webinar offering, holding an average of three to four virtual training events every day.

Even before the nationwide school closures, important spring trade fairs and many conferences had already been cancelled – platforms that are genuinely used by publishing customers for an intensive exchange. Even today, communication with teachers therefore mostly still takes place by videoconference. Top priority is also given to communicating with publishing house employees. Through cohesion, openness and transparency, and observance of the latest requirements, a good routine has developed to deal with the new situation.


2,300 Videos...

… were taken and posted online by the staff of  Villa Luna,Seepferdchen Kitas, Kinderzentren Kunterbunt,  Galileo Bildungshaus and  the Best-Sabel-Bildungszentrum between March and June.


Teaching on National Television

In a bid to educate pupils in Bulgaria with no internet access during the lockdown, Klett Bulgaria, at the request of the country’s Ministry of Education, organised the provision of teaching modules that were aired on national television.


Effective, Service-oriented and Fast

In March 2020, CBS International Business School successfully completed the move to online teaching in the space of just one week. All lectures were subsequently held via Microsoft Teams, which is available to all employees and students courtesy of a campus licence. A five-member working group works continuously on optimising use of the program for lessons. Due to the fact that learning a second language in addition to English is obligatory for many of the courses, CBS has also adapted its language modules for online learning.

All assessment days, consulting appointments and open campus days took place digitally shortly after the lockdown. CBS provided all the information required by the new students – from a virtual campus tour to the presentation of individual study programmes. Students are able to forward questions to a dedicated service address (gethelp@cbs.de). A recently launched newsletter also provides regular updates on the coronavirus situation at the university.


10,904 Online Exams…

… were completed successfully at Euro-FH from April to September. This may not sound all that unusual, but it required the full commitment of the IT team due to fact that, prior to this, all exams had to be completed on the university premises.


Corona Life Hacks on YouTube

While working from home with her three school-age children, Debby Böhm, editor at Ernst Klett Sprachen Verlag, shared her personal creative corona life hacks with other parents in 18 short YouTube videos.