Adult and Continued Education
A commitment to lifelong learning – now more than ever – is a prerequisite for sustainable professional success. The companies within the Klett Group are very successful on this growth market: Every year, more than 100,000 people participate in programmes at the German and international distance learning schools and colleges of the Klett Group. This makes Klett the leading private provider on the German market for continued education programmes. In addition, the Klett Group offers a broad portfolio of academic on-site study programmes in the three areas of full-time study, dual study and part-time study.
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Wilhelm Büchner Hochschule

Ostendstraße 3
64319 Pfungstadt bei Darmstadt
Tel. +49 61 57 - 8 06 - 4 04
Fax +49 61 57 - 8 06 - 4 01
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Klett Annual Report 2017

Klett Group posts positive results: Equipped for the future


Promoting Culture and Education

With its projects and ventures, Klett demonstrates not only the courage to try new things, but also an interest in enhancing the educational landscape.