Cultural and Social Advocacy
The Klett Group is aware of its responsibility as an educational company and supports numerous projects and initiatives to promote culture and education in Germany and abroad. The focus of all co-operations is sustainability, in other words, long-term collaboration with its respective partners, and the belief that education can change people’s lives and unlock new perspectives.

Promoting Literacy

Reading stimulates the imagination
Reading stimulates the imagination, makes academic learning
easier and opens up educational opportunities. The Klett Group is involved in the Stuttgart Reading Aloud Initiative Leseohren e. V. (Reading Ears) because the best way to start reading on your own is being read to. With the support of dedicated citizens, the reading aloud project will encourage children to read and thus promote their language skills in a comprehensive fashion. There are already almost 500 active reading godparents in kindergartens, daycares and schools in Stuttgart. In
educational institutions located in social hotspots in particular, they contribute to the creation of a culture of reading aloud and thus enhance the local educational landscape.
In addition, the Klett Group campaigns for those who, even as adults, have not yet found an avenue to learn how to read and write: Klett has been active in the field of literacy for over 20 years and is the only educational company to do so. Close cooperation with the Bundesverband Alphabetisierung und Grundbildung e. V. (German Federal Literacy Association) facilitates targeted measures for advanced training and continuing education. Road shows and lectures are supposed to provide a platform for the problem of illiteracy and help individuals overcome their inhibition thresholds. Klett’s publishing houses also offer a comprehensive range of products that focus on basic education and language acquisition.

Commitment Abroad

Promoting projects abroad
In addition to its social commitment in Germany, the Klett
Group also promotes projects abroad. Klett supports the partnership between sister cities Moers, Germany and La
Trinidad, Nicaragua. Klett has already helped build a library and finance archaeological excavations in this Central American city affected by climate change.
Better education in the future
The Klett Group is also active in Mongolia: Together with the social enterprise Bookbridge, which campaigns worldwide
for equal access to education, Klett equipped libraries with
learning media in 2009 and 2010. Bookbridge sets up learning centers as social businesses in rural areas of developing countries. The learning centers bring quality education to people in need. The Klett Group sponsored the construction of a new educational centre where around 25,000 children will be able to benefit from better education in the future.

Bachakademie Stuttgart

Bachakademie Stuttgart
In addition to basic skills such as reading and writing, the Klett Group also promotes institutions and projects which render outstanding services to high culture. Klett has been closely linked to the Internationale Bachakademie Stuttgart (Stuttgart International Bach Academy) for centuries. In addition to organising the Stuttgart Music Festival, Academy concerts and Bach Weeks, the Academy is also committed to promoting young musicians and music education. The Klett Group supports youth development and sponsors the exceptional Bach Academy ensemble.
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Promoting Culture and Education

With its projects and ventures, Klett demonstrates not only the courage to try new things, but also an interest in enhancing the educational landscape.