Dedicated to Education
Education is the Klett Group’s mission and fundamental business purpose. Everyone who provides educational services and who is interested in basic or continued education is a potential customer. Most of our target customers are located in the German-speaking countries, but we are increasingly expanding our scope of business into other European markets. Education is an essential need of every person as our ability to develop our talents, balanced personalities and find our way in this complex world depends on it.

Our Business Purpose

Consequently, a company that has made education its mission
will have to be more than just a business model – it must
be committed to education and its values. After all, education is so much more than a product one can buy and sell. On the one hand, given that it is such an important endeavour, it certainly matters who decides to make education their business. On the other hand, the companies within the Klett Group attach a lot of importance to what makes their business undertakings successful.

Investing into Knowledge

However, the comprehensive, efficient and targeted basic as well as continued education of children and adults is also of central importance for businesses, nations and economies. In order to remain internationally competitive, Germany and Europe will have to be able to count on people who are well educated, knowledgeable and excellently trained. Investments into education do pay off for the community.
Education is indispensible and plays an increasingly crucial role in our lives every day. The Klett Group and its companies have been committed to these standards for more than 100 years. In partnership with its customers, Klett will continue to work hard to foster the continued proliferation of this priceless possession: Education.
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Promoting Culture and Education

With its projects and ventures, Klett demonstrates not only the courage to try new things, but also an interest in enhancing the educational landscape.