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Klett Group Incorporates Klett MINT GmbH

12.01.2010 Klett MINT GmbH

As of 1st January, 2010 the Klett Group has bundled its activities aiming at the fostering of natural science/technical talent in its independent Klett MINT GmbH. The aim of this Klett Group endeavour is to make a viable contribution to efforts to counteract the imminent lack of professional experts in Germany.

The objectives of the new Klett MINT activities will be to organise projects even more effectively and to further optimise them for their specific target groups. The independent company begins operations with a workforce of ten. Among its first projects are the new development of MINT magazines that are designed concisely for a wide variety of target groups and the hosting of a MINT Congress for Businesses and Schools in Stuttgart on 16th November 2010.
“At least in the long term, but possibly also in the near future, Germany may be at risk of losing its place in the world as an economic stronghold – because of the lack in up-and-coming young talent in the so-called MINT qualifications – mathematics, information technology, nature science and technology,” comments MINT GmbH Managing Director Dr. Dierk Suhr. The shortage of nature scientifically and technically qualified professionals is a structural problem that is already causing a high level of value decline for German businesses and the trend is accelerating.
Hence, the goal is to improve the public image of the MINT subjects in homes, schools and colleges, combined with the attaining of significant optimisations with regard to quality and quantity. Klett MINT GmbH addresses these issues in a service oriented fashion and helps German manufacturers and businesses to generate interest in MINT subjects with schools, teachers, parents and students and to place them in early childhood education curriculums. Klett MINT GmbH intends to attain this goal through large volume media focusing on vocational information, the hosting of congresses or the development and sales of teaching supplies that aim at boosting the fascination with technology.
Klett MINT GmbH’s Managing Director Dr. Dierk Suhr, 46, is a graduated bio physicist. Prior to being appointed to the position at the helm of Klett MINT GmbH, he was part of the executive management team at Ernst Klett Vertriebsgesellschaft, where he was, among other things, in charge of division Corporate Publishing. Prior to that he headed the commercial accounts business of MVS Medizinverlage Stuttgart within the Thieme Verlagsgruppe.
Klett MINT GmbH is a Klett Group company. With its 59 companies at 39 locations in 16 countries, the Klett Group is Germany’s largest education dedicated enterprise. The portfolio of the Klett Group encompasses everything from traditional text books to state of the art learning aids; from professional literature to the classics. Moreover, the Klett Group has established itself as the leading private provider of educational and continued education services. The companies of the Klett Group employ a workforce of about 2,800 and generated revenues of approx. EUR 466 million in 2009.
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