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Full Commitment to a Herculean Task

Since the start of the pandemic, students of the Health and Social Affairs department at the European University of Applied Sciences (EUFH) have been in an extraordinary situation: not only did their course go completely online, the students have also been in great demand in their health and social care professions. It is only by working together that students, teachers and health and social care institutions have been able to rise to this challenge.

The EUFH has continued to provide the professionals with regular online support to help them reconcile study with the occupational demands arising from the pandemic. Virtual teaching has continued throughout with lecturers personally supervising small study groups. In the event of technical failures during online tests, the open book examinations are already stored in the system. Although online teaching has its advantages, EUFH staff are looking forward to welcoming students back to on-campus teaching.

Over an Espresso

Kinderzentren Kunterbunt children’s centres continue to provide applicants with insights into work at the centres. In a virtual ‘espresso chat’, social media recruiter Kim Haaf answers questions about the centres and everything they do.

Virtual Graduation Ceremony

In November 2020, the graduates of the Wilhelm Büchner Hochschule held their celebrations online. All participants were sent a party package in advance and, during the celebration, they were invited to give their personal contributions.

Digitally connected

In order to maintain personal exchanges with customers, the Compendio Bildungsmedien publishing house in Switzerland spared no effort and took part in the planned trade fairs and industry meetings virtually.
17,000 Students
... and course participants registered for remote courses at the Hamburg location of Euro-FH and ILS from January to March 2021. This compares to around 12,000 applications over the same period in both 2020 and 2019.

Pandemic Prompts Innovative Online Solutions

At Ernst Klett Verlag, maintaining a dialogue with teachers is a top priority. In the current situation, it is particularly important to support our development of products and services that facilitate distance teaching and teaching on rotation.

Maximum flexibility in the provision of materials, individual self-learning packages or tips for digital education are more in demand today than before the pandemic. With a wide range of online training courses, virtual events and consulting formats, Klett offers extensive support and opportunities for interaction; for example, with the one-week Klett Campus in March 2021.

After almost two years of schooling under pandemic conditions, many children and adolescents have significant gaps in their learning. Under its new Klett Diagnostics umbrella, Ernst Klett Verlag has brought together new, easy-to-complete, scientifically standardised online tests to identify and reduce learning gaps.

“E-Learning with Heart”

The Galileo Bildungshaus primary school has made relationships the focus of its “E-Learning with Heart” programme. The school’s mascot ‘Galilea’, a bear dressed as an astronaut, is being used to support the programme. Together, the teachers have set standards to ensure that holistic, research and cooperative tasks are integral parts of the virtual classroom. Partner and group tasks, such as this painting of fire, support the children to form positive relationships with one another. Four children from year 3 agreed by videoconference who would paint which parts of the fire. Online activities also take place in the afternoon, for example, in partnership with Stuttgart museums.

In the spring of 2021, Galileo primary school was awarded “Smart School” status by the digital association Bitkom in recognition of the school’s good technical infrastructure, its comprehensive pedagogical approach to online teaching and the regular teacher training.

Online Spanish Lessons

As it was virtually impossible for classroom-based language courses to take place in Spain, foreign language publisher Difusión developed specific online content for a learning platform, suitable for both individuals and interactive learning groups.

A Strong Team

“At our Seepferdchen Kita day-care centre in Ludwigsburg, we have restructured our daily work. As a team, we pull together to provide peace of mind for the children, their parents and ourselves.”
Sabrina Schäfer, Centre Manager