Careers in the Klett Group:
Giving Our All for Education

Our employees do their part to ensure that the Klett Group fulfils its mission as an education company. Across all their professional profiles, Klett's own hierarchies, and various national borders, one common goal guides their efforts: giving their all for education.

At our company, we challenge our employees and encourage them to reach their full potential. Putting ourselves in our customers’ shoes in how we think and work is key to the quality of our services; the ability to delegate tasks and take initiative is also essential. We also consider it important to be accepting of mistakes – as long as we learn from them!


The employees within the Klett Group love what they do and are passionate about coming up with new solutions in creative ways.

One characteristic they all share is the desire to meet (or even exceed) our customers’ already lofty expectations. Meanwhile, enjoying an amicable rapport with one another has become just as natural an aspect of the companies in the Klett Group as their profound dedication to excellence at every level.