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School media:
the highest quality for the classroom

Teachers in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland face a number of significant challenges, ranging from efforts to advance early-childhood education and foreign language classes, focus on acquiring skills rather than just knowledge, incorporate digital classroom media, and promoting inclusive classrooms to the restructuring of these countries’ school systems, the elimination of nearly all "Hauptschule" secondary schools, the expansion of all-day schools, the introduction of core curricula, the ongoing reinforcement of schools’ autonomy, and the integration of refugee children. Our publishing houses for educational media serve as reliable partners in these endeavours.

Ernst Klett Verlag, Österreichischer Bundesverlag (Austria), and Klett und Balmer (Switzerland) support teachers in their everyday work and provide them with teaching and learning materials for use both in the classroom and at home.

We offer nearly all subjects and combinations thereof for every year of these countries’ general-education schools, including in both printed and digital formats. We also cover the special characteristics relevant to each region and specific type of school, along with the education programmes and skill matrices required by each nation. With media and services for planning and organising lessons, tools for testing and diagnostics, audiovisual products, and digital exercise components, our German-language publishing houses for classroom media provide everything teachers need.  Free regional events that offer teacher training and ongoing education further complement our portfolio.

Laying a foundation for successful teaching.

Our publishing houses coordinate and bundle the latest insights from the realms of research and practice. Teachers, editors, university professors, and media experts bring their expertise to bear to ensure the best possible quality in terms of design, didactics, and media suitability. In cooperation with these professionals, Klett’s publishing houses set an ideal stage for successful teaching.

Specialised information supports schools and kindergartens at every level

The everyday routines of those in charge at schools and kindergartens are complex: They have to plan out each day, week, month, and year; distribute resources; prepare, hold, and follow up on lessons; issue marks and reports; and meet with parents. They also need to stay up to speed in terms of their didactic expertise. And finally, these administrators have to give their attention – both within and outside of the classroom – to each individual young person in both the functional and the personal aspects of their learning and growth.

The Klett Group concentrates in particular on providing area-specific support to teachers, childcare workers, and the administrators of schools and day-care centres. The specialised publishing houses and service companies within the group offer assistance in classrooms and other settings, from schools’ organisational efforts to the didactic methods they employ.

We take pressure off those who make the education system work and bolster the efforts they make every day to ensure that young people can succeed on their own particular paths to learning.

Through its periodical publications, Friedrich Verlag has spent decades furthering the evolution of schools and didactic methodologies. In Austria, the publishing house JUNGÖSTERREICH accompanies children during their years at day-care centres and schools. Raabe Verlag, meanwhile, sets the standard in terms of its importance for teachers: The qualified materials it provides in practical loose-leaf folders cover everything from lesson preparation and follow-up, assessment testing, and brainstorming to information and specific solution approaches (including software for lesson planning). Raabe also offers digital applications for the classroom and the overall administration of schools. AAP Lehrerwelt (Auer, AOL, and Persen) is specialised in copy templates and brochures that enable teachers to devise exciting and inspiring classroom activities for nearly every subject and school format. Finally, the online portals, and provide access to an abundance of technical information for digital use.

The companies for Educational Media in the German-speaking countries:

Education experts in 12 European countries

Europe's education and school systems differ in profound ways: in their structure, in how teachers are trained, and not least in the financial funding of schools and the procurement of teaching materials. In every region of the continent, however, schools are looking for answers to questions regarding lesson quality and how the use of digital media can improve both teaching and learning performance.

From Poland to Greece, from the Netherlands to Spain: Over the past two decades, the Klett Group has established or acquired independent publishing houses engaged in national education in 12 European countries. Along with local experts in schools, the classroom environment, and related research, we follow each country’s regulations in developing teaching and learning materials in printed and digital formats. Our customers can access locally developed offerings that have been tailored to meet their exact requirements and provide key support in both the classroom and other settings.

The manner in which our employees share their ideas across national borders plays a decisive role in our ongoing effort to improve. In all the places we operate in Europe, the publishing houses of the Klett Group help ensure successful teaching!

Communication: the foundation of international perspectives

Due to the ongoing process of globalisation and the rise in migration, requirements related to international communication and job mobility continue to increase. This means that learning a foreign language is becoming essential to the personal and professional lives of more and more people.

While English is the language of globalisation, the number of those learning French, Spanish, Russian, and Chinese is growing all around the world. German is also seeing a particularly dynamic increase in interest in the course of the current global refugee movements and migration within Europe.

With their teaching and learning materials, the companies within the Klett Group assist all those who are acquiring new language skills, passing them on to others, or working with a particular foreign language every day. The publishing houses Difusión (Barcelona), Éditions Maison des Langues (Paris), Klett USA (Chicago), PONS, and Ernst Klett Sprachen offer the right programmes for these efforts all around the world.

The Publishing Houses for Foreign Languages:

A sound basis for culture and civilisation

Based on their common goal of making the world a more civilised place, culture and education go hand in hand. This is part of what makes the Klett-Cotta and Junfermann publishing houses such important components of the Klett Group.

Since the days when Johann Friedrich von Cotta supported the publishing activities of greats like Goethe and Schiller, Klett-Cotta has developed a reputation for being synonymous with the best that literature and philosophy have to offer. Its literary stories and narrative histories provide readers with not only aesthetic enjoyment, but chances to gain new insights and reflect on the basic questions of the human experience and society at large. As the exclusive German publishing house of J. R. R. Tolkien, Klett-Cotta is particularly committed to the fantasy literature genre. Its status as a leading publisher in psychology, psychoanalysis, and psychotherapy also makes Klett-Cotta invaluable to the work of analysts and therapists alike.

Junfermann, one of the oldest publishing houses in Germany, deals with topics of focus ranging from communication, coaching, and consulting to taking a proactive approach to one's life, while Schattauer concentrates on specialist literature for psychology, psychotherapy, psychosomatics, and psychiatry. The two companies thus represent ideal complements to the Klett portfolio.

The Trade Publishing Houses:

Bringing quality to our customers

A product can only win people over with its strengths and qualities when corresponding logistical requirements like reliability, flexibility, and the ability to deliver on schedule are met. This is why the service companies within the Klett Group are so crucial to the success of our offerings and the satisfaction of our customers. These companies represent a comprehensive package that includes key components such as modern infrastructure, optimal distribution channels, sales support, commercial services, and IT support.

Thanks to the two distribution services Stuttgarter Verlagskontor and Balmer Bücherdienst (for Switzerland), all tasks and requirements pertaining to the field of logistics are covered under the umbrella of the Klett Group. This promotes the group's independence and offers tremendous advantages to all of its partners and customers, as well. In its role as a point of contact for commercial representatives, institutions, and in particular, teachers, Stuttgarter Verlagskontor (along with its local Klett Treffpunkt stores) is also an excellent resource for personalised advice and sales.

The Sales and Distribution companies:

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