Day-Care Centres

In addition to honing their cognitive abilities, our educational institutions also focus on all the other aspects of childhood and teenage development – from their social and foreign-language skills to health, nutrition, and the formation of sound personalities.

For us, it's always about each individual child and teenager.

The crèches, day-care centres, and schools with which the Klett Group is involved supplement Germany’s public education landscape. In close cooperation with parents, municipal administrations, and the state supervisory authorities, they run facilities with unique individual profiles that are designed to set an ideal stage for achieving success in education.

For us, it's always about each individual child and teenager. As we help them develop their talents and the academic tools they will need, we also work to cultivate their budding curiosity and promote characteristics like empathy and resilience. The people in charge of these crèches, day-care centres, and schools view them as places where young people spend much of their early lives learning, growing, and laying a foundation for happy and fulfilling lives.

Meanwhile, the quality of the education and care these facilities provide is constantly ensured by regular evaluations, the ongoing training of teaching staff, systematic supervision, and continuous efforts to review and improve the pedagogical concepts in use.

Crèches and Day-Care Centres

The primary concern of our crèches and day-care centres is making sure that children ages three and younger feel safe and sound. Enabling them to build relationships with caring educators is a crucial part of the process.

At our kindergartens, these staff members make learning fun and help the children develop their natural curiosity.  Exercising and eating healthy foods are made as much of a priority as maintaining a solid balance of play and concentration. Depending on the profile of the facility at hand, children can learn and grow with a special focus on bilingual or artistic education.

Seepferdchen day-care centres are specialised in looking after the very young. They provide a safe place where little ones – particularly those under the age of three – can venture out into the great big world with attentive supervision. Since the children are still so young, special importance is attached to parental communication.

Our Kunterbunt children’s centres serve as reliable partners for parents, companies, and communities alike. They make every effort to accommodate children’s needs and provide a high level of all-day care.

The educators at Villa Luna day-care centres also put the focus on each child's particular interests and abilities. They carefully encourage and challenge their charges right from the start by adding special creative activities or explorations of the natural realm to the fun and games on offer each day.


The schools with which the Klett Group is involved set great store by ensuring that every young person fulfils his or her full academic potential. They encourage each individual student to push their abilities to the limit while showing them the importance of being open-minded, tolerant, and polite to their peers. All of these schools are all-day facilities whose schedules are fine-tuned for optimal learning not only throughout the year, but on a daily basis, as well.

In Germany, these facilities are operated as private schools under the supervision of the state education authorities. They follow the country's education programmes and skill matrices, and those who complete their curriculum earn state-approved graduation certificates. These schools are also subject to the article of Germany’s Basic Law that prohibits segregation based on parental income.

At the Swiss International Schools operating in Switzerland, Germany, and Brazil, students are immersed in learning native-level English. These facilities give them the option to earn an International Baccalaureate along with the graduation certificate of their particular country.

The BEST-Sabel schools in Berlin, meanwhile, are known for giving students a strong foundation that prepares them for their careers and everyday lives. They support the education process all the way from one's first small steps at day-care to that big leap into the working world.

Finally, the Stuttgart primary school Galileo concentrates in particular on developing children’s learning abilities based on their natural curiosity. This approach is reflected in its motto, “Explore – Grow – Learn”.

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