Ernst Klett Aktiengesellschaft is committed to promoting fair and lawful conduct by its employees in their relations with each other and with people outside the company. Our employees act with diligence and responsibility.

Our electronic whistleblower system is available to all our employees as well as suppliers, customers and stakeholders at all times as an independent reporting channel for compliance issues. A compliance issue is a suspicion of a possible criminal offense, misconduct or other significant breaches of regulations that are related to Ernst Klett Aktiengesellschaft or its employees.

Using the electronic whistleblower system is an easy way to submit reports on compliance violations at any time – even anonymously. It guarantees that communication between whistleblowers and the compliance department of Ernst Klett Aktiengesellschaft is protected and complies with data protection regulations.

We encourage employees and third parties to inform us about any possible violations of the law and misconduct. Your report enables us to take action at an early stage and to prevent damage.

Ernst Klett Aktiengesellschaft cannot process any reports pertaining to other companies of the Klett Group. In such cases please contact the responsible compliance department of the organization involved.

Please obtain further information on our platform

Read Guideline to the Whistleblower System of Ernst Klett Aktiengesellschaft