Society: Taking Responsibility

The Klett Group and the non-profit foundation Klett Stiftung are dedicated to taking responsibility and offering perspectives as an active part of civil society.

By leveraging their expertise in related issues, they support numerous projects and initiatives that promote education, culture, and science both in Germany and around the world. Klett's efforts in this regard are founded on the conviction that these three areas play an essential role in opening up new perspectives for individuals and society at large.

The Klett Group and its employees are committed to ensuring that education succeeds. 

In response to the refugee migration taking place around the world, Klett is aiding those who have come to Germany in learning the local language and integrating into society. Through its activities on behalf of refugees, the Klett Group has also joined the “Wir zusammen” initiative (, which involves working with other companies to contribute to the general integration effort in Germany.