Klett Annual Report 2017: Equipped for the Future

– Press Release,

The Klett Group can look back on a satisfactory year and has closed fiscal year 2017 up on the prior year, with an increase in revenues of around € 75 million. Total revenues rose from € 537.3 million to € 612.0 million. Profit before tax increased by 13.3% to € 25.5 million (2016: 22.5 million).

Educational Institutions for On-Site and Distance Learning

The Adult and Continuing Education business unit and the Klett Group’s educational institutions are developing positively. Demand for the continuing education programmes of the Klett distance-learning schools remains constant, as does interest in the on-site and distance-learning universities of the Klett Group. The Day-Care Centres and Schools business unit also developed very positively during the past year.

Educational Media Publishers and Digitisation

The Klett Group’s international business made a particular contribution to the good results of the past fiscal year. The Klett companies, above all in the USA, France, and Eastern Europe, performed well in the market and strengthened their position in the education markets, despite major investments in developing digital educational media.

Digitisation is now also gathering pace in Germany. High investments in the digital infrastructure of schools have been approved for the coming years. »The publishing houses of the Klett Group regard themselves as partners of teachers, schools, and the German federal states, and use their expertise to support them with appropriate and practical solutions«, says Philipp Haußmann, Management Board Spokesman of Ernst Klett AG.

»Despite large-scale investments in digitisation and the development of new business segments, Klett is doing well. The coming years promise to be every bit as exciting and challenging as the past fiscal year. But we are certain that the Klett Group is equipped for the future. We see more opportunities than risks«, concludes Haußmann.

About the Klett Group

The Klett Group is one of Europe’s leading educational companies and is represented internationally in 16 countries. The Group’s portfolio includes traditional and state-of-the-art educational media for day-to-day use in schools as well as lesson planning materials, specialist literature, and the classics. In addition, the Klett Group operates many educational institutions, ranging from day-care centres to schools, right through to distance-learning schools, and universities for distance-learning and on-site-learning.