We stand with Ukraine – united for peace and freedom

– News,

We all look at the war and bloodshed in Ukraine with horror. The brutal attack on a free and independent country is an attack on the whole of Europe and the values that the Klett Group and its companies also hold dear. In this dire situation, we will do everything within our power to alleviate suffering.

Our companies in the neighbouring countries of Poland, Slovakia, Hungary and Romania are helping the refugees by providing urgently needed relief. And we are doing our utmost to support our employees who are helping refugees on the ground.

At our locations in Poznan, Bratislava, Budapest and Bucharest, we are also preparing guides for teaching staff and school directors to facilitate the reception of refugee children and young people in day-care centres and schools. Specially adapted materials for language acquisition are currently being designed. Klett publishers in other countries will follow suit. In Germany, our day-care centres and schools are preparing to welcome refugee children and young people without bureaucracy.

We remain on the alert and will continue to look into where we can help. Our greatest hope is for a swift, peaceful end to this dreadful conflict.