Stuttgart-Lauf 2018

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The 25th Stuttgart-Lauf was held on 24 June, which had very pleasant temperatures in store for the participants. The members of Klett's own running team entered the 7k and half-marathon events, racking up a total of 182.78 kilometres! With the Klett Group sponsoring them to the tune of five euros per kilometre, the association Future 4 Kids e.V. can look forward to a donation of €913.90.

The runners at this year’s Stuttgart-Lauf were thankful to see the summer take the weekend off, as the 14 degrees meant that they were not forced to deal with the heat, as well. Some 16,000 participants flocked to the starting line behind the Mercedes-Benz-Arena for a variety of competitions. They included 10 athletes from Klett's running team, who covered a total of 182.78 kilometres. In the team ranking, they took an impressive 68th place among 475 teams in the men's half-marathon.

The €913.90 in donations that the team collected in the process will go to the association Future 4 Kids e.V., which funds projects that promote the integration of refugee children. This year, it plans to support climbing and cricket programmes for young refugees in cooperation with GemeinschaftErlebnis Sport (GES).

Klett's running team in 2018 featured employees Charlotte Eisenblätter, Sarah Ganser, Thomas Kunter, Vasja Popov, and Antje Wollenweber, who were supported by Robel Ghirmay, Saeed Hussaini, Edrissa Saidy, Nesredin Suleman, and Muhammed Suso. The members of a running group for refugees that was founded by Wollenweber also turned in further kilometres for the Klett team.

Our sincere congratulations to all of this year’s runners!