Klett Group modernizes headquarter with focus on sustainability and innovation

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The Klett Group is to conduct a comprehensive modernisation of its headquarters. The renovation represents a clear commitment by the Klett Group to its Feuersee site. The aim is to create more space for communication, meetings and contemporary workspaces, bringing a more inviting, modern and open-plan layout to the site, which is home to a number of the Group companies. Ecological and social sustainability will be the major focus of the construction works.

The creation of modern, attractive meeting and communication spaces as well as new, flexible workspaces were just two of the challenges addressed by the Klett Group in its tender for the architectural competition for the redesign of its premises. A new look for the buildings was also on the list of requirements with sustainable design an overarching objective of the project.  

The construction work is scheduled to take approximately four years. Eight out of 17 buildings will be impacted, including two which are scheduled for demolishment. One new building is also to be added. Around 550 employees will leave the site for temporary premises only a short distance away. The renovation is being completed by the architectural firm Bruno Fioretti Marquez.  

It was particularly important to the Group to preserve the aesthetic and historic quality of existing buildings as far as possible. By reusing materials from the demolished buildings, a contribution will also be made towards the project’s sustainability. The premises will become greener thanks to the desealing of some areas of land, and the centre of the site will be entirely pedestrianised. The buildings are also to be made as accessible as possible and climate friendly. These measures are integral to the Klett Group’s long-term commitment to environmental protection and resource conservation, and its aim to cut carbon emissions.  

Besides the structural work, the modernisation plans also include the creation of modern, flexible workspaces that cater to demand for contemporary ways of working. In addition, multi-purpose meeting and communication spaces, such as a cafeteria, co-working spaces or meeting rooms, will be created to facilitate interaction and encourage collaboration. 

The new buildings and renovations will offer an interesting juxtaposition, reflecting both the tradition and future orientation of the Group. 


About the Klett Group 

With an international presence in 21 countries, the Klett Group is one of Europe’s leading enterprises dedicated to education. The portfolio includes both traditional and state-of-the-art educational media for day-to-day use in schools, as well as lesson planning materials, specialist literature and the classics. In addition, the Klett Group operates many educational institutions, ranging from day-care centres and schools to attendance-based and distance-learning universities.