Klett to follow IPM model in its site transformation

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The Klett Group has opted to follow an Integrated Project Management (IPM) approach for the modernisation of its Feuersee headquarters. The involved parties have just signed the first contract for the validation and planning phase of the construction project.

The IPM approach is all about streamlining operations, improving communication between all parties (including architects, planning offices, construction companies and the client) and enhancing the overall workflow of a construction project from the outset. At its core, IPM is a holistic method for planning, managing and executing projects. Ultimately, it aims to improve the quality of construction projects and save both time and costs.

Unlike traditional construction projects, where planning or construction activities are completed separately and in a particular order (with one phase only beginning after the previous one has been completed), IPM views the project as a cohesive whole, with everyone working as a team and having a seat at the table from the outset. A central component of the method is the early involvement of all experts in the planning process. Regular dialogue allows problems to be identified and dealt with at an early stage.

Joint definition of objectives

Another key aspect of IPM is that everyone involved shares the same vision. Instead of working towards their own objectives in isolation, all teams work together to achieve a joint objective: the on-time and on-budget completion of the construction project. This shared focus encourages constructive and cooperative collaboration.

Project charter

Alongside close cooperation, clear and open communication within the team and a positive atmosphere of trust are essential. To facilitate this, a project charter has been drawn up with the involvement of all participating companies, which sets out the shared values to which everyone is committed and defines how the various parties will work together. 

About the Klett Group

With an international presence in 23 countries, the Klett Group is one of Europe’s leading enterprises dedicated to education. The portfolio includes both traditional and state-of-the-art educational media for day-to-day use in schools, as well as lesson planning materials, specialist literature and the classics. In addition, the Klett Group operates many educational institutions, ranging from day-care centres and schools to attendance-based and distance-learning universities.